Wireless Internet FAQ

Q. What do I need to access the wireless Internet at the library?
A. A laptop, PDA or other device with a wireless network interface card and a fully charged battery. If you plan to use audio files, you will need to have headphones. Wall power jacks may be available (ask your librarian about this matter).
Q. How can I use wireless Internet at the library? 
A. Most users can simply bring their wireless-enabled computer or device to the library and turn it on. The computer will automatically recognize the wireless network. Your wireless-enabled device must be set to DHCP. The library cannot guarantee your equipment will work with the library's network. If you change any settings on your laptop, be prepared to change them back in order to use your other wireless networks.
Q. Will I need any special settings or passwords to connect? 
A. There are no encryption settings, but you will need to register and login each time you use the wireless internet. The registration process is web based and presented to you when you connect to the wireless network.
Q. Is my information safe while using wireless? 
A. Your information is not protected while using wireless, unless you are connected to a web page that employs SSL or SSH encryption (stores, banks, etc.). Keep this in mind if you are accessing sensitive business or personal information.
Q. Are there any restrictions on my use of the Internet? 
A. Wireless users must read and accept the library's Policy on Electronic Resources. The terms of use are listed during the registration process and at each logon. After a 1 hour inactivity period you will be logged off the system. When taking online tests you need to open a new browser window and occasionally browse to a different page to avoid losing your internet connection. There is a 1GB data limit per day. This ensures that one person can’t monopolize the wireless network.
Q. Can I access the library’s LINK catalog? 
A. All of the library’s on-line resources including LINK are available on the website at www.linkcat.info.
Q. Can I print while using wireless? 
A. Printing is not available. If you need to print, please save your work to disk or e-mail the files to yourself, then login to a library workstation and send to a printer.
Q. Can the library help me configure my computer? 
A. Sorry, everyone's computer is different, and you are responsible for knowing how to configure your own equipment. The library cannot be responsible for any changes you make to your computer's settings. If you need additional assistance, you may need to contact the manufacturer or supplier of your equipment.
Q. Can I send/receive email using email clients? (Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, etc) 
A. Due to potential spamming through this wireless service, you will not be able to SEND email when using an email client program like Outlook, or Thunderbird. You will be able to RECEIVE email from these programs. To send email you must use a web based e-mail account such as Gmail or Hotmail. Your home or office ISP may offer web based e-mail.