Great Courses Collection

Enjoy college-level lectures on an amazing variety of subjects

Each kit contains a Course Book and a collection of CDs or DVDs.

Below is just a sample of a few recently purchased titles.  Check out our full collection available in LINKcat.

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Guide to Essential Italy
The Guide to Essential Italy DVD
Learning to Play Guitar
Learning to Play Guitar (DVD): Chords, Scales and Solos
Introduction to Paleontology
Introduction to Paleontology
Outsmart Yourself
Outsmart Yourself (DVD): Brain Based Strategies to a Better You
Scientific Wonder of Birds
The Scientific Wonder of Birds (DVD)
Sewing 101
Sewing101 (DVD): Skills, Fabrics and Techniques 
Wonders of the National Parks
Wonders of the National Parks (DVD) : A Geology of North America
Woodworking 101
Woodworking 101 (DVD) Techniques and Everyday Projects