Library Services Available

Library Services FAQ

    Express Pickup Now Available

    • Pick up your holds without an appointment during the hours of:
      • Monday – 1 pm-7 pm
      • Wednesday – 9am-noon and 1 pm-5 pm
      • Friday – 9am-noon and 1 pm-5 pm 
    • One person in the lobby at a time. Please wait away from the entrance if someone is already there for Express or Curbside Pickup.
    • A face mask must be worn when in the building.
    • Bags labeled with shortened patron names (5 letters last name + first initial) will be arranged alphabetically on the tables. Please only touch your bag. Items are already checked out and a slip with the due date is included.
    • If you need staff assistance, call 424-1812 to speak to someone.
    • If you don’t feel well, please don’t come into the Library. Call to schedule a Curbside Pickup or call to arrange to have someone else pickup your holds.

    Curbside Pickup Also Available

    • Pickups will be made by appointment and will be contactless.
    • Your requested items will be bagged and set outside the library at your scheduled time. Please be prompt in arriving. If someone else is there picking up, please stay in your car until they have left the area. Maintain appropriate social distancing for everyone’s protection.
    • If you are unable to leave your car, please indicate that when scheduling pickup. Pop your trunk and library staff will place your library items there and close the trunk.
    • Your items will be bagged to protect your privacy and to avoid damage to library materials. A slip with the due dates will be included.

    Requesting Library Materials

    • Use LINKcat to place a hold on items owned by Belleville Public Library or elsewhere in the South Central Library SystemHow do I limit what I see in LINKcat to Available at Belleville?
    • Or call the Library at 424-1812 from 9 am – 5 pm on Monday through Friday for assistance in requesting books, DVDs, magazines, and more. We are happy to help you find what you need.
    • Holds on materials from other libraries are being filled, but more slowly than usual. The library system delivery service is not yet able to operate at full staffing. 
    • Items coming into the library are quarantined 4 days (96 hours). Library staff wear a mask and wash hands often when handling library materials prior to checkout.
    • Don’t use disinfecting products on library materials or put them in the microwave (they catch on fire!). If you are concerned, set aside library materials for a few extra days of quarantine time before using them.
    • When you have holds ready for pickup, you will receive an automated phone call or email notice. Then, either stop in during an Express Pickup time or call the Library to schedule a Curbside Pickup time.
    • If you receive a notice of a hold item that you no longer want, please call the Library so the next person waiting can receive it.

    Returning Library Materials

    • Library materials can be returned to the outside Dropbox at any time.
    • Returned items are quarantined for 96 hours before staff handles items for check in and re-shelving. You may notice this delay of 4-7 days when reviewing your LINKcat account. Belleville Library will forgive fines on all returned items and no overdue fines will be charged for the quarantine period. Our library is fine free, except for Hotspots.
    • Due dates during the pandemic:
      • Items checked out at Belleville will not be charged a late fee.
      • Items checked out in November are due January 1, 2021.
      • Items checked out in December are due February 1.
      • If you check out at another library, please consult your receipt or LINKcat account for the due dates.
    • Please bring back what you have checked out during the past months.

    Coronavirus and Library Materials

    • Belleville Public Library and other libraries in the South Central Library System have extended the amount of time that we quarantine library items from 72 hours (3 days) to 96 hours (four days) based on recent research by Battelle Laboratory on the lifespan of coronavirus on common library materials. For more information, read about the REALM project.
    • Round I of the testing showed that the SARS-CoV-2 virus was not detectable after three days on hardback book covers, softback book covers, plain paper pages inside a closed book, plastic book covers, and DVD cases.
    • The recently completed Round 2 testing found that after four days of quarantine in a stacked condition, the virus was not detectable on braille paper pages, glossy paper book pages and children's board books. Magazine pages showed a trace amount at four days. Testing was conducted under standard office temperature and relative humidity conditions.
    • Please do not disinfect library materials. If you are concerned, allow a few extra days of quarantine time before using them.

    Library Card Questions

    For E-books and Other Online Resources

    • The library has many online resources you can access 24/7 from the comfort of your own home with your Belleville Public Library card. 
    • Libby and Overdrive - Check out free ebooks and audiobooks for your smartphones, tablets and computers. Books are returned automatically when due.

    Photocopies and Faxing

    • If you need photocopies, printing, or something faxed, call to schedule an appointment. Staff will copy, print, or fax while you wait outside. Please pay with exact cash or by check. Staff can tell you the amount when making the appointment.

    Trail Passes

    • If you would like to purchase state trail passes, call the Library at 424-1812 to schedule a curbside appointment. Passes are $25 for an annual pass and $5 for daily. Payment may be with a check made out to Belleville Public Library or with exact cash. 

    Internet Access

    • Free WiFi is available 24/7 from outside the Library. Park in front of the building or in the parking lot near the building. Connect to “Library Wireless”.
    • Hotspots are available to be checked out to Belleville patrons from the Library for one week. Call 424-1812 to request a hotspot. There may be a waiting list.

    Paying Library Fines

    • We are now fine free.  If you have a fine for Belleville Library items, over the coming weeks we will be clearing previous late charges from your account.
    • If you have minor amounts on your account from other library's fines, please wait to pay them so we can reduce the handling of cash.
    • If you have late fees or charges for lost or damaged items that are over $10, you can pay online in your LINKcat account. If that is not an option, a check payable to Belleville Public Library is preferable to cash.
    • If the lost or damaged item belongs to another library, please make the check payable to that library so we can send it directly to them. Library staff can advise you on how best to resolve lost or damaged item situations.

    How To Help Us

    • Please be prompt for your scheduled Curbside Pickup time.
    • If you decide that you don’t want an item that is being held for you, please call the library to let us know so the next person waiting can receive it.
    • Make sure your contact information is correct in LINKcat.
    • Stay home if you or a family member is ill. Call us to schedule a contactless curbside pickup or to arrange for someone else to pick up your library materials.
    • Maintain social distancing and be considerate of other people’s space.

    For Updates

    News regarding the library reopening and available services during this time will be posted here and sent through our eNews email list. You can also follow us on Facebook (even without an account) by clicking on the Facebook “F” icon on the left side at the bottom of our website homepage. Click “not now” when it prompts you to login.

    Have a Question

    Although we cannot be with you in-person, we are happy to help you.

    • Call us at 424-1812 between 9 am to 5 pm on Monday through Friday.
    • A staff member working at home is monitoring the email for your questions. We intend to respond within one business day, but please be patient with us if circumstances require a longer time to get back to you.