Donations & Gifts

4.11. Donation/Gift Policy


Donations of new and gently used books and other materials may be made to the Friends of Belleville Public Library, Inc.  The donations become the property of the Friends organization.  Belleville Public Library staff will review the donations and have first selection of materials to add to the library collection.

Donations may be dropped off at the Belleville Public Library.  If the donation consists of a large number of items, the donor is asked to contact the library at 424-1812 ahead of time to discuss the donation.  Storage space constraints may limit the amount of donations that can be accepted.

The Friends organization determines what types of items they will accept.  (See receipt for list of desired items.)  Most items not added to the Library collection will be sold at used book sales run by the Friends with proceeds benefiting the library.  Unsold items may be given to other libraries or other non-profit agencies, sold, traded, or recycled at the Friends discretion.

The Friends of Belleville Public Library, Inc. provides a receipt (pdf) acknowledging the donation.  The donor is responsible for determining the fair market value of the donated items.


Belleville Public Library welcomes the support of the community through gifts of library materials, money or real property. These gifts help enrich and improve public library resources.  The Board is empowered by Wisconsin Statute 43.58 to administer gifts that are accepted.  The Library Board empowers the Library Director to manage contributions.

Gifts of Money:
Gifts of money without restrictions on use are always accepted. The Library Director will determine the best use of the funds, with the understanding that purchases which directly benefit the library’s patrons are strongly preferred.

Gifts of Items Intended for Circulation:
Donors wishing to purchase specific titles for inclusion in the library’s collection must consult with the Library Director who will work with the prospective donor to select a title agreeable to both parties. The Library’s Collection Development policy will be used in selecting donated materials for the collection. 

Memorial gifts of money for books or other library materials may be donated in honor of a friend or relative, and are marked with a special bookplate. The Library will be pleased to select appropriate titles in memory of a relative or friend.

The Library applies the same criteria for evaluating gift items as it applies to purchased material. Gifts will be withdrawn in the same manner as purchased material. The presence of gift or memorial plates in circulating materials will not be a consideration in future removal from the collection at the end of their appropriateness for circulation.

Items for Deposit:
Requests to have materials temporarily housed in the library, i.e., materials that are not outright gifts, will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Generally speaking, such requests will not be honored unless their benefit to the community as determined by the Library Director outweighs the complicated nature of honoring the requests.

Gifts of Art, Decorative Objects, and Furniture:
Gifts of art objects, portraits, furniture, antiques and other museum objects are accepted or rejected on the basis of suitability to the library’s mission, décor, and availability of space for display, as well as the understanding that the library has the authority to make whatever disposition is deemed advisable, which may include sale, transfer to another agency, and so forth.

Gifts of Real Estate or Securities:
Gifts of real estate or securities will only be accepted by action of the Board of Trustees.

Gifts to Staff Members:
Consistent with policy of the Village of Belleville, staff members may not accept items of substantial value from patrons for their personal benefit. Small gifts of nominal value, such as food, may be accepted for the enjoyment of the entire staff. If a staff member is given a cash gift during the course of his or her duties, the money must be logged with other incoming funds as a gift to the library. Staff members given prohibited non-monetary gifts must turn the matter over to the Library Director.

Donation Receipts:

Upon request, the Library Director will provide a receipt (pdf) for donations, but will not provide a determination of value for non-monetary gifts. The library’s staff and Board of Trustees are not qualified to determine the tax implications of donations. Donors concerned with tax implications should consult a tax professional or seek legal counsel prior to donation.

Donors desiring a professional appraisal of donations should have one conducted prior to the donation.

Approved:  04-93
Revised/Adopted: 06-04
Revised/Adopted: 09-05
Revised:  11-08
Revised/Adopted: 03-15

printable Donations Policy (pdf)

printable Donation Form & Receipt (pdf)