Overdue Fines & Other Charges

How much are overdue fines for materials checked out at Belleville? 

Juvenile, Young Adult and Adult items checked out at Belleville Public Library are not charged overdue fines. This includes items brought in on hold from other libraries.  Fine Free checkouts apply to all library cards.  

Are there fines on any borrowed materials?

Our Hotspots are $5 per day if overdue.

Things checked out at other libraries are subject to their fine policies.  You still need to return borrowed items in good condition or you will be charged for the replacement cost.

How much do you charge for Lost or Damaged items?

If an item is 28 days late, a replacement charge for a Lost item is assessed to your account.  This amount varies according to the cost of the item.  The same amount will be charged to your account if an item is returned damaged.

Can I buy a replacement copy for an item I've damaged?

Before buying a replacement copy, speak to the Library Director as there are conditions and restrictions which may apply.  We do not guarantee we will accept a replacement copy in lieu of payment.

I found a Lost item I've already paid for.  What should I do?

If you return a Lost & Paid For Belleville item within 6 months of becoming lost, we will issue you a refund check.  No refunds will be issued after 6 months or if the item is damaged.  Each library's lost item refund policies are different.  For items lost that are owned by other libraries, please contact the owning library.

I see a "Pay Now" button in my account.  What is this?

If you owe more than $10 in fines and/or other charges, you now have the option to pay online using a credit or debit card. At this time, you must pay the full amount owed using this feature.  No partial payments are permitted.