Historic Belleville Recorders Online

Search Belleville Recorders 1887-1923 online -2007

Historic issues of the Belleville Recorder from 1887-2007 are now searchable online through the Archive of Wisconsin Newspapers.

To access:

  1. Click BadgerLink  
  2. In the Browse by Format drop-down, choose Newspapers.
  3. Click Archive of Wisconsin Newspapers.
  4. Select "Search Historical Newspapers".
  5. Click "Uncheck all", and then check only Belleville Recorder (1887-2007).
  6. The dates after 2004 are available through the "2005-90 days ago" side of the search (step 3, above). This is due to the way the Wisconsin Newspaper Association's database is constructed and how they define historic vs. current.

For issues of the Post Messenger Recorder, use above directions, skipping step 3.  Issues are listed under  "New Glarus, Post Messenger Recorder". You can search 3/10/2005- 90 days ago in the Archive of Wisconsin Newspapers. 

The link and instructions are also available on our Online Resources page.