Cryptozoology 101

Cryptozoology 101
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Community Room

This program is an interactive look at cryptids and Cryptozoology. We will discuss Cryptozoology, which is the study of Hidden Animals, and then move onto animals that are currently seen in zoos worldwide that were considered to be no more than legend. (Lowland Gorilla, Komodo Dragon, Platypus.) Then we will take a look at animals that were once known to be alive, but are now considered to be extinct. Finally, we will go into the animals that have yet to be officially classified by science, such as the Sasquatch and Loch Ness Monster.

Presented By: Barnaby Jones - Barnaby Jones is a cryptozoologist and a paranormal researcher. He is the founder and lead investigator for Cryptids, Anomalies, and the Paranormal Society (CAPS) based in Wisconsin.  Barnaby has traveled in search of the unknown from haunted coal mines and Goatmen in Kentucky, Battle Field specters in Gettysburg, Sasquatch in Colorado, Missouri, Michigan, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Ohio and more. Although well traveled, the primary location of research is just outside of Menominee Michigan on 80 acres of private land known as the Hyden Adventure. Since 2020, the CAPS team has been able to document stick structures, audio calls, footprints, thermal imaging, and trail camera photographic evidence of Sasquatch activity on the property.

Sponsored by: The Friends of the Belleville Public Library