DiNovember with Colossal Fossil

It's DiNovember! 

Register for the Colossal Fossil Paleontology programs and view it live or watch it after. 
We will have the recording for three days.  Each week will use the same Zoom login.




November 4 - Predators and Prey

Take a close look at fossils from some of the most famous meat and plant-eating dinosaurs that ever lived.

November 11 - T-Rex

The king of the dinosaurs has that title for a reason.  Explore this childhood favorite and examine bones and other fossils.

November 18 - Ice Age Giants

North American was teeming with enormous mammals during the last Ice Age.  From mammoths to bears, learn about them all.

November 25 - Sea Monsters

Giant sharks, enormous lizards, frightening fish.  The oceans were filled with huge predators, and you're about to see them up close.